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Beat Homeschooling Cabin Fever With Time Travel Fun

By Lily Iatridis  January 22, 2014

Routine lessons from workbooks and textbooks can get very old when you have to spend most of your day inside during the winter. That means it’s time for hands on projects that are fun for everybody — both teacher and student.

Have you done any time travel projects with your kids? The time capsule is an old favorite, where you collect important artifacts from our civilization today for future archaeologists to decipher. Many of you may have one buried in your backyard already. But even if you don’t, it’s winter, and the ground is hard and cold!

Instead, take a new twist on the traditional time travel project. Have your kids travel forward or back in time on earth by 1,000 years, or to whatever time you wish. Then, have them describe life at that time as if they were there. If you want this to be purely creative, travel forward in time. On the other hand, if you want to work in some history study, travel back to a period in history you’re studying now.

In their project you could require a description of some categories like geography, government, religion, social roles for men, women and children, architecture, types of work, forms of travel and communication, climate, forms of entertainment, education, and so on.

Kids could research this independently or work together to research, discuss and share ideas. Later, your kids could present the information in a way that they most enjoy, for example, using artistic or technology skills.

Last, but not least, a hands on project needs a follow up. This is where your kids reflect upon, summarize and describe all that they’ve learned. Why did they make the choices they made? Why did they learn about that time in the past? What do they hope for in the future?

A perfect follow up activity that includes important skills development to anchor your project would be a writing activity like an expository essay — an essay explaining life forward or back in time. For kids at the middle or high school level, we have a new Essay Rock Star Expository Essay short course available now for $37. If you feel your kids need to experience or learn expository essay writing, please click on to read more about our short course.

Watch the video below describing the time travel project that also ends with a brief description of our new Essay Rock Star Expository Essay short course.




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