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From happy students:

“I learned that I can indeed write, with a little help.”
~Carson F., AZ

"I do not enjoy writing; it doesn't come naturally to me, so when my mom told me that I was starting this new writing program called Essay Rock Star to prepare me for college, I cringed. I thought it would be like all the other ones I have used before, but with Essay Rock Star and Ms. Iatridis I have improved my writing ability and don't dread writing papers anymore. She does a great job of showing you the step-to-step process of writing a paper and how to improve your writing ability." 
 ~Ian S., OH 
From happy parents:
"All of my children are voracious readers, and I had hoped my son would pick up formal writing just as easily as his older sister. Unfortunately, before signing up for Essay Rock Star, he could barely write a paragraph, and had made it his mission in life to prove that it was possible to succeed without writing! He has just finished his first essay, and I am thrilled with his progress! Ms. I's interesting video lessons, clear directions, and gentle encouragement, have helped my son's confidence blossom. I have no doubt he will enter high school prepared to handle any writing assignment that comes his way! Thank you!"
  ~Jenica Webster, NC
“I liked the format of breaking writing assignments into steps and providing feedback for each part of the assignment. 
 ~Judith Sharkey, Goodyear, AZ

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From Our Blog

Today's student showcase features a persuasive essay by Miriam, a high school student who currently lives in Uganda with her family.  Her essay makes a strong case in favor of adoption, both domestic and international. Miriam is about to complete the Essay Rock Star full course program. 

Why Adopt?

by Miriam S. 

Have you ever thought of adopting? I live in a place that has kids who are struggling to find a family. Some of these kids are able to go back to their distant family and others are not able to leave the children's home that is caring for them. There are many organizations that try to give these children what they need. If people adopt more, they are not just going to help society improve but also meet orphans' physical and spiritual needs.

According to americanadoptions.com, there are 18 million orphans worldwide. These kids don't have a place to call a home and they don't have family. These kids need a safe place to call home. Often when orphans are not in a safe place, they will try to find a way to get food and shelter. They might break into someone's house and steal because they don't have another option. This can make our society not at peace because people would always be worried about these children breaking into their houses. Some people might think that there might not be a lot of orphans in the world or that these children have a family. If they did, they wouldn't be called orphans. Even if there are biological relatives, they might be unable to care for them or reject them. If people adopt more, then there would be less kids without a home. If people don't adopt, these children will continue to struggle. Orphans won't be the only ones harmed but our society would struggle as well.

We see a lot of orphans around the world. These children need someone to help them with their physical needs. For example, they need food, clothes, education, shelter, and they need someone to take care of their health because they can't do that on their own. Some of these kids might not have a job or if they do, they might not be able to earn enough money to take care of their needs. These children, without families, can't work while being in school because they would have too much work to do. They might not even be earning enough money to pay for their schooling. Some people will say that these kids can take care of themselves. If they could take care of themselves, then we wouldn't see them under pressure to meet their basic needs. If families bring these children under their care, they would be able to meet their basic needs. If they don't, we will see these children suffering and dying because they can't meet their basic physical needs on their own.

The most important thing these kids need is to hear about God's love. There are a lot of Bible verses that command us, the children of God, to take good care of the orphans and widows. 1 John 4:7 says, "Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." Also James 1:27 says, "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." These kids are precious to God's eyes, just as everyone is. If nobody tells them about God's love or shows them God's love, how would they know? There might be a very low chance that these children can read so they are not going to pick up the Bible and read it for fun. They need someone who has an understanding of the gospel of Christ to tell them in order for them to understand it. If more people adopt these vulnerable children, they would have a higher chance of hearing about God's love. If you could welcome these kids in your families, it would mean a lot to them. It could change the lives of these children and it could change the way these kids view the world.

Orphaned children are an issue that is close to my heart. I think it could be different if we all worked together to make a difference. If people could open their hearts and homes to these unfortunate children and help them see that they are more than what people have chosen to label them, then we would see fewer children without families. Adopting would also improve society as it takes care of members of society. I think that we would be closer to solving the problem of there being so many uncared kids around the world. This would also give these kids a higher chance of hearing about the gospel of God.

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