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End Blank Page Terror Forever!

24 Pre-Writing Tools and Guidebook to Organize Content,

Take Notes with Ease and Make Your Kids Confident Writers!

LP - Frustrated Writing Kid

There are all sorts of things you need to know how to do to teach writing well. Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing how to get them started.

How much time do your kids spend staring at a blank page or screen with no idea what to write? If they stare at that blank page too long, their confidence will erode. They'll start to think they're bad at writing. All too easily, writing can become a hateful activity for your kids.

Your kids' first experiences with writing are going to shape their attitudes and beliefs about their abilities for years to come. It's important that those first experiences aren't negative -- even tortuous -- because of that blank page.

Don't let blank page terror kill your kids' confidence!

Access and download our FREE workbook that shows you how to bypass the blank page. End Blank Page Terror Forever! 24 Pre-Writing Tools and Guidebook to Organize Content, Take Notes with Ease and Make Your Kids Confident Writers does just that.

Not only does this workbook give you an assortment of 24 pre-writing activities, but there's a guided explanation of when and how to use each and every one of them. All in all, these pre-writing activities -- using teaching tools called graphic organizers -- along with the guide will show you and your kids how to:

  • Break up the start of a writing project into small, easy-to-manage pieces,
  • Brainstorm ideas,
  • Organize content,
  • Take notes from a text,
  • Avoid a negative attitude toward writing, and
  • Build your kids' confidence in their ability to write well!

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Before you start writing a paragraph or a multi-paragraph paper, you’ve got to gather and organize your content. That’s what graphic organizers do for you. A graphic organizer is a page with a few lines and shapes organized in a certain way that asks for information. You’ve probably seen one before. All kids do is jot down a few notes in single words or short phrases about their topic into their graphic organizer and boom! They’ve sidestepped the blank page and have a FULL page of content before they know it. Graphic organizers come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used with any assignment that has a writing component. 

Here are a few examples of the graphic organizers in this workbook with their corresponding guides:

LP - End Blank Page Terror Chart 1LP - End Blank Page Terror Chart 2
LP - End Blank Page Terror Chart 4LP - End Blank Page Terror Chart 5

LP - Happy Writing Kid

The truth is, kids like graphic organizers!

Filling in circles, squares, triangles or bubbles is fun and far less intimidating than facing a blank page.

LP - Happy Girl

Fortuigence’s goal is to help kids become better writers. While we have a number of online courses available for middle and high school students, we want to support all parents to help their kids become confident writers. In this workbook, we share the writing tools we use with students in our own online writing courses. We especially want to support homeschooling families, because teaching every subject to kids at different grade levels is a gigantic amount of work!

This workbook serves kids of all ages. The graphic organizers and guides can be used for small children with the help of a parent, and they can be used for middle and high school students. Parents, you can even use them for your own writing projects too!

LP - Smiling Kids

All you have to do is go to page 1 and start reading. You’ll see a table of contents with the names of each graphic organizer. But as we said earlier, there’s more. With each graphic organizer, a full guide is given that tells you… 

  • The age group to use it with,
  • The type of writing assignment to use it with,
  • A glossary of definitions, and
  • Detailed directions on exactly how to complete each graphic organizer.

Depending on your kids’ ages and the assignment, filling out the graphic organizer can be the writing assignment by itself. Otherwise, after they fill out the graphic organizer, all they need to do is copy the information right onto that blank page to get a first draft of a paragraph or essay done quickly. 

That blank page is GONE in minutes! Everybody can relax and move forward...

  LP - Happy Parent w/ KidsWith This Resource, You’ll Get:

  • A 50- page workbook with 24 unique graphic organizers and a guide on how to use each for pre-writing and note-taking,
  • Templates with guided suggestions for new graphic organizers that you can create on your own, and last but not least..

Did I mention that it’s all for FREE?

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