The Tippmann A-5

Baylee, Kentucky, Upper High Schooler

One of Tippmann’s greatest creations yet, the Tippmann A-5, is a great paintball gun for just about any player. The A-5 is lighter than most woodsball guns but more durable than most speedball markers. It also has a really simple layout that’s really easy to figure out. First time player or veteran of the sport, the A-5 has many advantages that make it good for everyone to use.

The gun has many great features, one of them being the cyclone feeder. The cyclone feeder drops the paintballs into a circular chamber that feeds the ball in one at a time instead of dropping them using gravity so it doesn’t chop as many balls. It also has a response trigger that helps shoot faster. With that trigger it’s possible to shoot up to 15 balls per second. The gun is also very durable. I have played paintball in the rain and snow with that gun and even dropped it on rocks, and it still works. It’s also a very customizable gun. You can put scopes to help aim at targets from further away, longer barrels that help the gun shoot farther, a stock that rests on your shoulder to steady the gun, or a sling to carry the carry the gun on your shoulder when you’re not using it. Many more custom parts are able to put on it very easily.

There are lots of different kinds of game types to use this in. My favorite is scenario paintball where you reenact a part of history. I used my A-5 when I played at Oklahoma D-Day. The biggest annual paintball event in the world located in Wyandote Oklahoma. At this weeklong event you play two 2-3 hour games a day with a night game on Thursday. Then on Saturday, 2000-4000 players on 750 acres play an 8 hour game reenacting D-Day. The A-5 is great for this because it’s not too big or small and you know if you drop it or hit it on the ground when you fall it won’t break your gun. The only time something broke on it was when one of the enemy got mad at me and hit the sight of my gun with his but it was an easy fix. In addition, the A-5 is a good gun for woodsball. Woodsball is a game where you go out to the woods and play. You’ll run into rocks, trees, ponds and all kinds of other things just like in scenario paintball. It’s also good for rec ball which is a game type where you just go out to a field with buildings and cars and play. One game type you don’t want to play with this is speedball. Speedball is a game played with small teams on small fields that don’t last very long. You want to use the smallest gun you can find for that so you can move faster.

Even though this is an amazing gun, there are a few problems I need to discuss. One problem is that it’s hard to clean if a ball gets chopped inside the gun. Another is if something breaks it’s hard to fix because there are so many parts it’s hard to know how to put it back together. But compared to all of its other features, these disadvantages are very minor.

The gun overall is the best one I’ve used so far. With its durability, size, and easiness to customize, I always recommend this gun to any of my friends looking for a new paintball gun. No one I know that has ever had one has ever been disappointed. So if you’re ever looking for a paintball gun, try the Tippmann A-5.


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