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Students learn how to do four types of non-fiction essays using our five step writing process:

A Personal Statement - always one of the essay requests in every college application. Writing about yourself can be very challenging, but we coax it out of your kids! They come away from this project with a template to use when it’s time to do their college applications.

A Persuasive Essay - usually requested in the written portion of college entrance exams. Kids often make the mistake of not taking a firm position on an issue in this type of essay, and they lose points for that. We teach them exactly how to recognize and respond to a persuasive essay prompt.

A Textual Analysis - often required in upper high school grade levels and always at the college level. A textual analysis is a review of someone else’s work to determine the purpose of that work and if the author achieved it. A book review, a movie review, an analysis of almost anything such as art, music or sports is a textual analysis. This essay is especially outstanding for developing your kids’ critical thinking skills!

An Expository Essay - (explaining a process) needed whenever you’re asked to give a “how to” explanation in writing. Here we focus on developing thorough explanations -- in writing, of course.

Completion of this course will equal .5 credits in high school English. Please see our article on Evaluation of High School Credits for more information.

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