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We know you have a lot of options to choose from, so here are the distinct features of our writing program:

  • No scheduled classes,
  • A live trained teacher reviews students' work,
  • Teachers work with parents to accommodate special needs learners,
  • When you start and finish the course is completely up to you,
  • We work toward the goal of skills mastery for your kids, however long it takes!

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Top Teach

Top Teach: 7 Steps to Gain the Confidence, the Know How and an Easy to Follow Framework to Ensure Your Child Learns to Write Well at Home

   Course Units: 0
Tuition: $ 0.00
Course: WRS-TT

Essay Rock Star

Essay Rock Star:  5 Steps for Your Teenager to Master Non-Fiction Writing That Directly Impacts Their High School Grades, College Acceptance, and Career So They Can Excel in Life

   Course Units: 0.50
Tuition: $ 197.00
Course: WRS-ERS

Essay Rock Star: The Personal Statement

In this short course, students learn to write a specific essay type called the personal statement, also known as a personal narrative. College applications almost always require a “tell us about yourself” or personal statement essay.

   Course Units: 0
Tuition: $ 57.00
Course: WRS-PS

Essay Rock Star: The Persuasive Essay

In the Essay Rock Star short course, students learn to write a persuasive essay successfully. This type of essay is important because the writing sections of most college entrance exams like the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) require persuasive essay writing.

   Course Units: 0
Tuition: $ 57.00
Course: WRS-PE

Essay Rock Star: The Expository Essay

In this short course, students learn to write an expository essay. The expository essay is the most common essay form that is often assigned in high school, college, and in the workplace. The purpose of an expository essay is to explain or inform an audience objectively about a specific subject.

   Course Units: 0
Tuition: $ 57.00
Course: WRS-EE

Essay Rock Star: The Textual Analysis

In this short course, students learn to write a textual analysis. A textual analysis essay assignment requires middle, high school and college students to write a review on someone else’s work. Book reviews, movie reviews, and product reviews are all examples of textual analysis essays.

   Course Units: 0
Tuition: $ 57.00
Course: WRS-TA

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